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The Leafy range: innovating for tomorrow

Vilmorin-Mikado is a historic and major actor in the Leafy sector. Over the years, we have strengthened our research, development and marketing teams. This allows us to respond to the rapid development of the market and to provide all the actors concerned with an enlarged, innovative offering. Our strength lies in being able to respond comprehensively to customers’ needs, thanks to a rich and complete range: iceberg, romaine, Batavia, oakleaf, kale, chioggia, spinach, chicory etc.

Worldwide research to meet everyone's needs

Our research, which is based on three continents (Europe, Asia and America), uses a mix of approaches, allowing us to deal with a wide and constantly changing range of pressures related to health. Our breeders respond with a minimum of delay to the challenges presented by the development of diseases, thanks to a perpetually renewed range, as regards both the adult plant market and seedlings. We are able to meet essential agricultural criteria and adapt our varieties to each country's requirements. In this way, our range is able to completely satisfy the needs of the fresh produce and ready-to-use industrial markets.

Witloof Chicory

Collaborate today, innovate for tomorrow

Fulfilling the expectations of the salad sector is our greatest challenge. To be able to meet it, we have developed solid partnerships with the stakeholders involved. In this way, marketers, restaurateurs, distributors and other partners are able to obtain varieties that meet today's requirements: compliance with the packaging process, storage, nutritional value, yield, state of the product, time-saving. We are contributing to the rapid rise of urban and hydroponic agriculture by developing varieties that are suited to all types of food production.

Coated seeds for optimum quality

Vilmorin-Mikado also has expertise in salad seed technology. This allows us to offer concrete solutions in terms of ease of sowing and adapting seeds to machinery, in particular for seedling producers.

Friseline chicory: an innovation for the sector

Friseline chicory is a perfect example of our vision of collaborative innovation. The result of a natural cross between different chicory varieties, this innovative new salad plant creates a new segment and contributes to market diversification. Its success has been made possible thanks to the support of an expert team of breeders, but is also due to extensive collaboration with producers, retailers, distributors and consumers.

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