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Industry range: a specific approach for the industrial sector

Vilmorin-Mikado has always developed varieties for specific markets, for example peas and beans dedicated to industrial markets. We also work closely with HM.CLAUSE to offer you a wide range of standard and supersweet corn. Carrots, one of our key products, is also one of these prepared vegetables, mainly in frozen, bottled or canned form. 

Key varieties in the industrial sector

A number of Vilmorin-Mikado varieties have made a lasting mark on the industry. This is true of the extra fine Booster bean, the Denver variety and the Borsalino butter bean, without forgetting the Flavert flageolet bean and Firenza or Extasia peas, which are leaders among a hundred varieties in these categories.

Every year, our research and development teams work with industrial producers, offering them an ever-increasing number of new varieties. This constant renewal of the range allows our customers to work with quality seeds with optimum productivity. 

Distinct characteristics for this important market

Our breeding program seeks to meet the specific requirements of the industrial market, with plant structures matching the needs of mechanical harvesting and vegetables adapted to the processes in their factories A good grouping of products around the plant is also a key criterion for industrial producers. Constantly maintaining close links with customers, our teams also concentrate on other criteria on the specification sheet: yield, disease resistance and hardiness, as well as (according to the species) finesse and flexibility in harvesting the vegetable. This means that when it is ready for harvesting, the vegetable must remain stable as long as possible and show no signs of age.

Finally, if the product responds well to cooking or freezing, this shows that numerous standards have been met. 

Reactivity and transparency: working closely with our customers

Actors in the industrial sector cover an increasingly wide geographical area. These highly professional and demanding actors are committed to quality, and so regularly test our new varieties prior to approving them and starting large-scale production.

Listening to each other creates a basis of mutual confidence and allows us to work today on the varieties of tomorrow. This means that when new agricultural constraints appear – such as restrictions on use of plant health products, development of organic methods or adaptation of our products to climate change – these are taken into account very early on in the process of creating varieties. With these various parameters well in hand, Vilmorin-Mikado each year offers new varieties suited to the needs of its industrial partners.

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