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Gourds and brassicas: a range with Asia in mind

Vilmorin-Mikado benefits from several international brassica and gourd research programs. All our varieties are tested in the main production zones for two to three years to ensure optimum cultivation.

Agronomic adaptation
Taste quality

Squashes and melons: diversification for new markets

The kabocha squash is one of the key species in our range, thanks to Vilmorin-Mikado's experience in Asia. Recognised for the flavor of our kabocha, we have a wide range, from early squashes to late, also including the mini kabocha, making Vilmorin-Mikado the market leader. Our aim is to offer original products with new flavors.

Melons are developing in an extremely segmented market, which is linked to local consumption habits.We are working at developing the Asia range with the muskmelon as the flagship product: this is known for its excellent flavor and is a much-appreciated gift in Japan. We attach great importance to research in these early segments and to a high Brix level, as well as to resistance to the main diseases (powdery mildew and fusarium) to offer quality seeds and facilitate growing. As regards watermelon, our focus is on the Crimson Sweet variety. 

Brassicas: strategy focusing on cauliflower and broccoli

Vilmorin-Mikado continues to invest in its international cauliflower research program, maintaining its strong on-the-ground presence. Our range includes certain varieties that have always shown themselves to be highly flexible and adaptable, even in exceptional climatic conditions.

Today, our Japanese origins allow us to work on species such as early cabbage and broccoli, as well as to explore innovative products that enable us to diversify our general brassica offering.

Vilmorin-Mikado is actively working to become a global player in the gourd and brassica market with an expanded range that includes innovative high-quality varieties, thus satisfying needs in every country in the world.

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