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Solanaceae: a growing range

As a strong company for solanaceae for many years, Vilmorin-Mikado has succeeded in establishing the norms in a highly segmented market. Our elongated tomatoes are the standard in Italy, Central America and some markets in the Middle East. While our sweet pepper is rapidly gaining market share in the export markets of Europe.

On the other hand, if you have consumed hot pepper sauce, paste or powder in some countries of Northern Africa, then chances are you have already tasted one of our hot peppers as they are the norm for this market. All of this is complemented by our rootstock line; known for the strength of its root systems, disease resistance capabilities, and now for a range with products for every vigor requirement.

A growing but focused range

Through strategic external growth and focusing in our traditional genetic strengths, we offer new and exciting options to producers, consumers and other members of the food chain.

From our historical expertise in elongated tomatoes (Sir Elyan, Tequila, Retana, Aguamiel, Atitlan) today we are now also leading round cluster, premium cherry and pink segments in Europe and Asia. Our pepper program is also expanding from our historical leadership in Lamuyo and Mediterranean dark green hot pepper.

Today we meet the expectations of the dynamic European and North America export markets. This is not only for Blocky in yellow, red, and green; but also, for Elongated Sweet. We are also expanding our offer in eggplant for the Asian, Middle Eastern and European markets thanks to a joint research program Turkey - France supported by trial locations in every main market in the world.

In terms of rootstock, we are leveraging our leadership in Morocco into other markets in the Mediterranean area. But we are also bringing creative solutions to the soil challenges facing the processing tomato industry in North America. 

More choice

Anticipating the needs means innovation for the future

We are listening to the market. From pepper with oidium resistance for the growers in Spain, to tomatoes with the firmness and shelf life needed to navigate the rough roads from the highlands of Guatemala to the consumer tables in Central America. From eggplant with purple calyx for the Chinese consumers, to hot peppers with high dry content for the Tunisian processors. Our breeding teams aim to anticipate the needs and challenges of all the players in the food chain so we bring solutions in the form of innovative products.

We still work hard to provide disease resistances and other agronomic traits. But we also strive for tomatoes, peppers and eggplants with the sensorial, marketability and nutritional characteristics demanded by the different market participants.

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