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Roots and bulbs range: a worldwide offer

The compelling advantages of the varieties produced by Vilmorin-Mikado research make the company a world leader in carrots today. For over 200 years we have been creating varieties in such major types as Nantes and Kuroda. The roots and bulbs range also includes beetroot, French breakfast radish (half-long white-tipped), Japanese radish (daikon), onion and bunching onion.

Carrot, Vilmorin-Mikado's key species

We have developed a whole range of hybrids adapted to numerous situations. Maestro F1, undoubtedly the world's most cultivated Nantes variety, combines resistance to several diseases, high quality and a substantial commercial yield. Earliness, yield and flavour value remain the essential criteria at the heart of our research. With its long experience, genetic resources and numerous sites worldwide, Vilmorin-Mikado actively works to create carrot varieties that meet the needs of the whole sector: producers, processors, marketers and consumers. This applies to all parts of the world: from Asia to South America, from Oceania to the Middle East.

Selection processes linked to territories

Many of our beetroot varieties are the product of research programs closely associated with INRAe (the French national institute for agricultural, nutritional and environmental research), which allowed the creation of varieties such as Redval F1 and Grenade F1, the first varieties resistant to rhizomania. These major innovations make growing possible even in contaminated soils, retaining the flavour and maintaining the agricultural yield. 

As regards radishes, Vilmorin-Mikado offers a range targeting two regional types: 

  • the French breakfast radish selected by a dedicated team in France
    Our objective is to create varieties adapted to all niches and to harvesting with manual and mechanical bunching.
  • and the daikon radish with a range of varieties to meet the needs of the Asian market, both for the fresh product and for industry.

The bunching onion, Vilmorin-Mikado's historic pillar in Asia, is based on a dedicated selection program in our stations in Japan concentrating on nutritional quality and adaptation as a fresh product and for industry.

In onions, Vilmorin-Mikado offers a range of effective and regular fresh varieties, providing a high agricultural and commercial yield.

Global range
World leader in carrots
Seed technology

Meeting every expectation with seed technology

For Vilmorin-Mikado, genetic improvement cannot be separated from seed quality. To ensure the quality of the seed and therefore the quality of the finished product, our seed technology department has specially designed several product forms, particularly in carrots and radishes, to derive the greatest advantage from each seed and ensure the best outcome at the crucial emergence stage. Pelleting and coating ensure consistent plant growth and enhance the precision of sowing. 

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