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Global HSE representatives’ meeting

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In April 2022, Vilmorin-Mikado brought together its health, safety and environment (HSE) representatives in Angers.


As a global HSE coordinator, I must ensure that the 1,000 Vilmorin-Mikado employees on our 27 sites in 12 countries worldwide are always safe and protected from workplace accidents”, explains Lionel Caïsso.

“I created a network of HSE representative two years ago to better deploy the HSE lines across all our sites.”

There are 19 HSE representatives in total: at least one for each operational entity, as well as for the three major Vilmorin-Mikado sites worldwide. Their role is also to adapt the tools and systems planned to the local culture.



Developing skills

Four times a year, they meet virtually to discuss and have the technical information necessary for the deployment of HSE manuals.

“The HSE representatives had never met in person before. The primary objective of this seminar was therefore, to strengthen the network and get to know one another better. But it also aimed to develop skills and leadership in terms of safety”, specifies Caïsso.

At Vilmorin-Mikado, these HSE representatives come from very different backgrounds: HR management, administration, research centers... We must therefore, provide them with the necessary tools to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities under optimal conditions.

Training in safety leadership

This first seminar brought together a total of 9 people from Europe, Asia and North America. It enabled them to review the company’s safety results, listen to testimonies on the implementation of HSE procedures in Asia and the south of France, discuss ideas on workplace accidents, visit the Angers Scania plant and meet safety managers...

The second day was dedicated to safety leadership training. “You have to be able to get people onboard and explain goals and ideas. The aim is to find the right stance and suitable language”, specifies the global HSE coordinator. This initiative will now be repeated each year in a different country.