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2022 Leafy forum: Vilmorin-Mikado unveils 70 varieties in its range

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From September 12 to 15, 2022, Vilmorin-Mikado held its latest Leafy forum at its La Ménitré site, near Angers, France. On this occasion, the Franco-Japanese company presented its new range of lettuces and greens which made up of 70 different varieties.

Nearly 50 customers from 14 countries (including Korea, Australia, the United States, and Chile) attended this event.


A three-fold objective for Vilmorin-Mikado

During the four day platform, the Vilmorin-Mikado team showcased their latest leafy range highlighting varieties, bred to alleviate farming constraints and consumer based needs. The team also dove further into the topic of disease resistance such a downy mildew fusarium wilt and their ability to adapt to various production methods, from open-field farming to growing under cover.

Expanding on a constantly changing market

In order to continue to deliver leafy varieties in line with industry needs, Vilmorin-Mikado relies on its global network of experts who work in close collaboration with farmers. Their role is to inform the company of agronomic trends and regional consumption patterns.

This local approach is supplemented by a more empirical process combining market & marketing analyses, prospective studies on growing conditions, and consumer research carried out in partnership with specialist institutes (IPSOS, etc.).

The goal for Vilmorin-Mikado is to understand and anticipate the workings of ongoing and upcoming changes in order to design current and future varieties.


Watch a video presenting our approach