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Vilmorin-Mikado research: three new facilities across the world

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Three new buildings are going up on three different continents: brand-new facilities that will provide Vilmorin-Mikado’s teams with an optimum working environment.


Sodegaura (Japan)

Typhoon Faxai struck Japan’s Sodegaura facility in September 2019, causing serious damage and compromising the building’s safety.

Vilmorin-Mikado seized this opportunity to upgrade the premises and improve working conditions.

Gilroy in California (US)

In Gilroy California (USA), the first part of the new building was handed over in June 2021.  Stage two will include the greenhouse complex accommodating the lettuce, green vegetable and cauliflower selection programs.

The development of this location reflects Vilmorin-Mikado’s strong commitment to its leafy vegetable and brassica programs in North America.

La Ménitré (France)

Finally, in December 2021, a new building was opened at the La Ménitré (France) headquarters, marking the completion of a project initiated in 2015.

The 800 m² wooden annex accommodates 100 employees in the research, production, quality and health-safety-environment departments.