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Purpose and mission: thoughts on strategy

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Why do we exist? And how can we translate the answer into our everyday practice? These are the two questions that the management of Vilmorin-Mikado strives to answer.

“As a responsible partner in the agri-food sector, our commitment is to contribute to feeding people better, all over the world.” Every word used to define Vilmorin-Mikado’s purpose has been carefully weighed and chosen. The objective of this process is to give meaning to the everyday work of all Vilmorin-Mikado’s employees, by using simple words to express everything that makes the company unique.

It's history, first of all, since Vilmorin-Mikado is one of the oldest seed companies in the world.

It's Franco-Japanese nature which gives it a real global dimension. Vilmorin-Mikado has sites in fifteen countries, employing people of twenty-five different nationalities and offers vegetables suitable for all types of agriculture, to meet the requirements of varied markets and to respond to consumer trends.

“To innovate by offering sustainable solutions to the vegetable sector and to progress all over the world with our associates and partners.” The mission thus expressed communicates the way in which Vilmorin-Mikado embodies its purpose.



The excellence and expertise of its associates is a universally recognized value, just like the quality of its products. It takes the form of permanent research into performance and the constant creation of new varieties.

The sustainability of the solutions we offer rests, in particular, on these factors: the close partnership forged with our customers, collaboration based on mutual respect and our concern to create added value that benefits everyone.
In the end, our teams’ commitment is derived from their entrepreneurial spirit and the autonomy given to each associate. Their local initiatives supported by Vilmorin-Mikado boost the company’s performance and that of the whole agricultural value chain.