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3rd International Carrot Symposium: Vilmorin-Mikado’s Range Takes the Place of Honor!

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As the world leader in Carrots by producing a third of all carrot seeds sold worldwide, Vilmorin-Mikado was delighted to sponsor the 3rd Symposium on Carrots and other Apiaceae, which took place in the UK this year, in the city of York. 

From October 2nd to October 5th, our passionate experts welcomed clients who had come to the event from 18 different countries. It was the perfect opportunity for our teams to introduce our skills, expertise, and Vilmorin-Mikado’s World Carrot Range.


Three experts from Vilmorin-Mikado for the scientific sessions

Vilmorin-Mikado sent three of its Carrot experts to inform everyone about the latest discoveries during a number of scientific sessions. 

Main topics: Adapt to climate change by using reliable quantitative data provided by artificial intelligence in the selection of new varieties. 

The speakers were: 

  • Juliette CHEVALIER, Upstream Selection Expert, Vilmorin-Mikado 
  • Stéphanie ARNOUX, Carrot Geneticist, Vilmorin-Mikado
  • Cindy TORRES, Artificial Vision Project Manager, Vilmorin-Mikado

A comprehensive, dynamic range of solutions for every market

Our teams went to the British Carrot Growers Association Demonstration Day to promote the wide variety available in our Carrot range, a comprehensive, dynamic range comprising over 50 varieties and 6 types of carrot, including Chantenay, Nantaise and Berlicum.

The 26 carrot varieties presented all stand out for their disease resistance, yield quality, range of colors, roots, and uniformity.

One of our most recent innovations showcased, the TERAPUR variety, was a great success. A plant based solution following agroecological principles, this ‘trap crop’ is intended to give the European market an effective way to control Heterodera carotae, the carrot nematode.

For further details, see our roots and bulb range.

Check out the video to see what our producers and experts have to say: