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Vilmorin-Mikado rolls out its latest innovation on the carrot market: Orchestro F1

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Coming off successful operations in France and Italy, Vilmorin-Mikado is rolling out its new carrot in new world regions such as Brazil, Australia and South Africa. Orchestro F1: a carrot with very high yield potential.


This is a new, early variety for the Nantes main season-preservation period. It meets the challenges faced by producers thanks to its excellent agronomic characteristics:

  • Rapid, uniform emergence
  • Vigorous, upright foliage
  • High resistance to Alternariosis (Ad) and Oidium (Eh)

High marketable yield

Suitable for sowing in spring and summer, Orchestro F1 fully meets market requirements: uniform, tipped, cylindrical, colored root. Combined with excellent productivity, it offers producers a high, marketable yield.

Thanks to its research and development teams finely in tune with the markets, Vilmorin-Mikado continues to innovate to meet the needs and expectations of carrot producers.