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Vilmorin, 280 Years of Passion and Innovation

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Did you know that Vilmorin is not just the name of one of our brands?  It is the family name of passionate botanists; individuals who were true pioneers in the field of plant, plant materials, and whose passionate legacy has been handed down through the generations.


It all began in Paris 280 years ago, in 1743, in a little seed store called “Au Coq de la Bonne Foy”.


 From selling seeds in a little shop, to selecting innovative and sustainable new varieties for professionals in the sector, Vilmorin’s history has featured a whole series of innovations that have made it famous.

In 1856, Louis de Vilmorin was the first to describe the principle of heredity in plants, a founding principle of modern botany.


This was followed by a myriad of varietal innovations including but not limited to:


  • TERAPUR, a trap crop that effectively controls heterodera carotae, the carrot nematode


  • The ESKIMO F1 carrot, a particularly frost resistant variety


  • COTILLAR, a head lettuce resistant to fusarium


  • The KOSUZU tomato, a range that is both reliable and delicious


  • Not to forget the FLAVERT flageolet bean, developed for the industrial market and the benchmark for high end products

Over the past 280 years, we have been travelling the world, seeking plant diversity in both food crops and forests. From France to Japan, China, and the United States, today Vilmorin seeds are sold in over 100 countries across all 5 continents.

280 years of history means we know our markets and can therefore support our customers effectively. Market knowledge, along with 280 years of expertise, customer proximity, and partnering in the field are just some of our many strengths. These proven strengths result in key advantages when it comes to navigating the current and future challenges that agriculture must face.



Vilmorin, 280 years of passion and innovation, in your hands.