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As a responsible partner in the vegetable food chain, Vilmorin-Mikado is committed to helping better nourish people everywhere. Vilmorin-Mikado is recruiting committed associates who are passionate about vegetables at an international level. Your adaptability, agility and your liking for teamwork will be your key success factors in your career at Vilmorin-Mikado.

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Joining Vilmorin-Mikado means becoming part of a unique Franco-Japanese seed producer with almost three centuries of history. It means becoming part of a community of more than 1000 employees of over 25 nationalities, located on five continents. It means working in an environment where respect, trust, and initiative are the keywords. It also means joining in a type of participatory governance in which decision-making is shared and as close to the ground as possible. Inside Vilmorin-Mikado, you’ll be able to discover all the specialisms within the seed production sector. These specialisms are varied and highly technical; some can only be learnt alongside our associates, thanks to our dependable and passionate experts handing down their practical knowledge and skills. 

Joining Vilmorin-Mikado also means joining Limagrain, an agricultural cooperative and international seed production group owned by French farmers. It means sharing the values of progress, perseverance and cooperation. It means working in an environment where respect, confidence and initiative are the keywords. Our geographical, cultural and professional diversity will be a source of opportunities in your career, as you will be able to grow and develop in a large international group, which today is the world's fourth-largest seed producer and its foremost vegetable seed producer.

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Vilmorin-Mikado's success is primarily based on all the women and men who work there every day. It is based on teams that share the same company spirit and where each member contributes in their area of competence to our fundamental mission: to innovate by offering sustainable solutions for the vegetable sector. Every year, Vilmorin-Mikado offers numerous job opportunities as well as block release study options and training courses. These cover many areas: Research and Development, Production and Supply Chain, laboratories, Sales, Marketing, Communication and all types of support services. 

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