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Tree seeds: guiding the relaunch

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Along with its sector, Vilmorin-Mikado is participating in adapting France’s forests to climate change within the “France Relance” (Relaunch France) plan.


Producing seeds for trees is one of Vilmorin-Mikado’s historic businesses. In the 19th century, the Vilmorin family travelled the world to bring back seeds of numerous varieties to France. Today, Vilmorin-Mikado’s seed-related business covers three areas: forest seeds (the biggest segment), ornamental seeds and fruit rootstocks. These are marketed in Europe and mainly in France, where today, the company is one of the market leaders.


Greater diversity

So it was a logical step for Vilmorin-Mikado to join its sector in involvement in the France Relance plan, a specific part of which deals with adapting forests to climate change. In particular, the plan aims to expand resources and produce more seeds, to bolster species diversity and thus contribute to woodland resilience, and to restore large forested areas, such as those of France’s “Grand Est” region. The plan envisons the replanting of 45,000 hectares with 50 million seedlings of all species throughout the course of 2021 and 2022.